NJ Association for Gifted Children

New Jersey Association for Gifted Children


NJAGC strives to provide parents with resources that will assist them in understanding and meeting the unique needs of their gifted and talented children. We encourage parents to join our monthly discussion group so that we can connect and support one another.



“Twice exceptional” or “2e” refers to intellectually gifted students who also have a learning disability or a developmental delay. 2e students have high ability but may also struggle emotionally, with age-appropriate socialization and with executive functioning skills. This asynchronous development can be challenging for the student, teachers and caregivers. Often, 2e students are not recognized for their giftedness, as their disability overshadows it. In some twice-exceptional students, their giftedness has allowed them to mask or find ways to compensate for their deficits, making it difficult for them to receive needed support.

NJAGC believes in teaching the whole student, so that they may achieve their potential.

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