NJ Association for Gifted Children

New Jersey Association for Gifted Children


Educators are the backbone of the work we do for our gifted learners. NJAGC supports the efforts of teachers who impact and influence the educational journeys of these students on a daily basis. We would love to hear about strategies and resources that have worked for gifted students! Please email us at njagc@njagc.org with your ideas and suggestions.

The Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act Committee (SGTEAC) was initiated by the NJ of Department Education. It is comprised of over 60 educational advocates and representatives, whose mission is to help families and local education agencies unpack the law.

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All resources provided here represent the input of stakeholders of NJAGC and the SGTEAC subcommittees, and they are not intended to endorse programs, publications, or resources.  They are suggestions for use by school districts.