Keynote Presentation - 2018

Schools For Talent Development:  A Comprehensive Plan

For 21st Century Program Planning and Implementation


Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli, Director

The Renzulli Center For Creativity, Gifted Education,

and Talent Development At The University of Connecticut


The economic, cultural, and social development of nations depends on the creativity and productivity of its most gifted citizens.  Dramatic changes in technology and the skills required for 21st Century careers must constantly be reexamined if gifted programs are to play a continued role in producing the scientists, authors, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and persons who will contribute to the cultural and economic heritage of our country.  The strategies we use for this new century must transcend the continuum of traditional acceleration and enrichment approaches that have served us in the past and roles that teachers of the gifted must play in leading the way to make schools truly be places for talent development.     

This presentation will provide an overview of a talent development model that is based on over forty years of research and development and that is being used in countless schools in the U. S. and a number of other nations around the world.  Topics include comprehensive strength assessment, modifying the curriculum for high achieving students, infusing high-level engagement activities into any and all aspects of the standards driven curriculum, using technology to provide enrichment opportunities for all students, and guidelines for providing advanced level creative and investigative opportunities for high potential students. Emphasis will be on practical applications of the theories and research underlying this approach to talent development.