Host a REACH in 2018



Host a REACH event in your area

half day weekend activity

      What is it all about?

Interactive, hands-on-enrichment activities that focus on

higher level thinking, team building and STEM

       • Creative family activities   • Networking opportunities   

• Raffle Drawings   • PD hours provided

     • Exciting challenge stations for ages 5 to 99  •  Student prize drawings

       • Hands-on, informative workshops for students, parents and educators

      Sample Schedule

8:30-9:00     Registration

9:00-9:15      Welcome

9:20-10:00      Parents/Educators: Auditorium- Social/ Emotional                                  Development of Gifted Children

                       Students: Cafeteria- Four fifteen minute                                                   Challenge Stations

10:20-10:40   Break and Snack

10:45-11:4     Session 2 - Parents/Teachers/Students- Keynote:                                   Assembly Performance

11:50-12:00   Closing / Door Prizes

                     Pricing and Registration

          Members- $10       Non-Members- $15

Member Benefit: Maximum registration per family will be $40.00!


An NJAGC REACH event is being planned for March, 2018.  Check back for more details as they become available.