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Quick Facts about gifted education in New Jersey.

According to the 2009 State of the Nation Report published by the National Association for Gifted Children:

  • New Jersey is one of 13 states that provide NO funding for gifted education. 11 states spend more than $10 million dollars for gifted education.
  • New Jersey is one of 42 states that DO NOT require new teachers to have pre-service coursework in gifted education, and one of 36 states that do not require teachers to have ANY professional development in gifted education during their tenure.
  • Only 5 states require teachers in specialized gifted and talented programs to have annual professional development in gifted education. New Jersey is NOT one of them. Teachers responsible for gifted education in New Jersey are not required to have taken ANY courses in gifted education.
  • 13 states require districts to have administrators for gifted education and 4 of those require certification in gifted education for these administrators. New Jersey has NO administrative requirement for gifted education.

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New Jersey Gifted Education Policies

Gifted and Talented Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions: Gifted and talented services

New Jersey Department of Education

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New Jersey Legislators

The New Jersey Legislature consists of the Senate  (40 members) and the General Assembly (80 members). There are 40 legislative districts in New Jersey from which the population elects one Senator and two members of the General Assembly. Senators serve four -year terms (except for the first term of a new decade which is two years) and members of the Assembly serve two-year terms. Both the Assembly and Senate have chambers in the State House in Trenton.

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When writing an email or letter to a New Jersey legislator, the title Honorable should precede the representative’s name. The salutation Dear Senator or Dear Assemblyman/woman should be used in a letter or email.


The National Association for Gifted Children has many resources available on their website including an Advocacy Toolkit. The website contains links to information that can be used by parents and educators to support advocacy efforts at the local, state and national levels.